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Summer Releases

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So...what's the buzz? 

Like it or not, school is starting soon. The summer really buzzed by but I've been reading reviews and new releases so your first weeks of school are smooth as your summer vacation. (Well, almost...) 

Note: If you've never ordered your own collection before-especially in elementary libraries-know that most books you'll be seeing and ordering are part of a series. Kids dig series.

Books to buzz about:

1) Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (release date: 8/1/2016) J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne, John Tiffany

Ever wonder what Harry is up to now that he's a Hogwarts graduate? Well, it isn't exactly as glamorous as one would think. Not to mention, his youngest child struggles with his father's legacy. Based on a script of a play by Jack Thorne, which is set to be performed in London, the rehearsal release goes on sale at midnight on August 1st. "Definitive Edition" goes on sale in 2017, according to Barnes and Noble.

Appeal Audience: Middle School

2) An Authors Odyssey: the Land of Stories #5  (release date: 7/12/2016) Chris Colfer

Attention: If your school does not have this series. Get it ASAP. Read them all yourself first and love every character because these books are top notch. One of my favorite series to recommend to students-and one of their favorites as well-the much anticipated 5th book of the series shows how the Masked Man must be defeated: but the answer lies in the pages of his own written stories. Can the twins solve the puzzle and save their beloved Land of Stories? All your favorites are back in this creative, heartfelt, and adventurous 5th installment. 

Appeal Audience: Middle grade, some middle school

3) Night of the Ninth Dragon: Magic Tree House #55 (release date: 7/26/2016) Mary Pope Osbourne

Magic Tree House #55? Can you believe it? I can because I can also almost guarantee this series is in continuous circulation in your library. Night of the Ninth Dragon, Mary Pope Osbourne incorporates Welsh folklore and fairytales and chronicles a unique story of King Arthur and the gang. 

Appeal Audience: Advanced early readers, middle grade

4) The Boy at the Top of the Mountain (release date 6/7/2016) by John Boyne

From the author of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas comes a story of the battle between good and evil in WWII through the eyes of a French boy serving in the Austrian home of Adolf Hitler. I am a self-proclaimed WWII junkie, I've read probably upwards of 50 WWII novels and this one is an incredible account of innocence in the face of evil. I recommend reading this yourself before ordering for your students as the content can be a little hard for some students to handle.

Appeal Audience:  Middle school, 8th grade-high school

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Sites I use for reviews/new release info: Follett/Titlewave, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, School Library Journal are my mainstays. I get on all of these sites at least twice a week.