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What do you get with Reading Buzz?

  • Library Resources
  • Tips for Librarians
  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • Pre-K

Not sure what you’ll get when you subscribe to ReadingBuzz? Wondering if ReadingBuzz is right for you or your school? Look no further-today’s blog is all about What You’ll Get when you subscribe yearly or monthly to ReadingBuzz.

Intro video: What's The Buzz? 

1. Video state standards based-library/media lessons delivered via email weekly

Ever asked students what they’re watching lately? They will tell you Netflix or oddly enough, YouTube. Students are responding to tutorials, video blogs (vlogs), and other things adults will just never really understand. After working with students, asking them what they like and do not like, I noticed that THIS is the way to reach students: through digital video.

Also, I know you’re busy. You might have lunch duty, or bus duty, or lunch duty and bus duty and study hall monitoring and occasional subbing. You are everywhere-and you’re a rock star. But you might have 3 minutes to get back to the library and you have 35 kids coming in who all want to tell you what they did over the weekend. Enjoy your students! Forget the stress. Click play and the lesson is done by me (a certified librarian) for you. Supplement with your own books or leave it to me.

2. Live sessions if you have the capability and if you want them

I can be there face to face with students via Skype, Google Air, Google

Hangouts-whatever you school has the capability to do. Use your SmartBoard, tablets, or distance learning cameras. Live lesson where elementary students can interact, dance, sing, read stories and have fun with library lessons.

3. Customizable lessons for your school’s curriculum

Does your 4th grade do a big states project? Does 7th grade have a science fair? Let me

know and I’ll make video lessons specifically for your school’s needs.

4. A combo of 1, 2, or 3.

5.  If your school does not have a library space. No problem-ReadingBuzz gives students the library experience without the need for a library.

6. Monthly tip videos for librarians like YOU!

Share this post and let me know if there’s anything else you’d like ReadingBuzz to do. This service is available for home schoolers, too!